Remote Cashflow Rentals Masterclass

Buy US Cashflowing rental property remotely. Create Passive Income. Achieve Financial Freedom.

Master the Skill of Finding Profitable Real Estate Investments Even in a Bear Market...

...and generate hundreds or THOUSANDS a month of passive income and generational wealth for you and your family.

A quick overview of what you’ll get from this course:
Learn the mindset of a cashflow investor…the correct mindset will help you focus on the metrics that matter most: Cashflow & Passive Income! 

Build the skills needed to pick great investment markets for cashflow rentals…by conducting thorough due diligence, and data-backed research, and avoiding the costly mistakes of listening to hype and promises. 

Acquire the ability to evaluate the intrinsic value of a rental property…and conservatively project how much net rental income (cashflow) you keep in your pocket. 

Build a great team…around you that supports your rental portfolio and protects your downside. 

Master the process of buying a property remotely…from start to end, ensuring that the property is yours, turning it into a cashflowing generating machine. 

Manage the property remotely...and watch your passive income flow into your bank account. 

Fast track your learning curve...and avoid the costly mistakes that we’ve made.
Majority of people who want to invest in real estate experience these frustrations. Can you relate to any?

You dream of owning a piece of income generating real estate for passive income to retire earlier... but real estate in your country is so expensive that it doesn't generate passive income. 

Lamenting that Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD) is very costly... after maximising your available limit. 

Your property is negatively cashflowing, that means you are actually working hard to keep your property, instead of it working hard for you. 

You planned to sell your property within certain period (i.e. 5 years) but your property did not appreciate to the value you hoped for, so you are required to hold it longer… and continue to fund it for many years to come. 

You are worried that interest rates may continue to rise...which will further add to your expenses. 

No one told you it was such a challenge dealing with problematic tenants. 

You do not know when the next government cooling measure is coming... and it might suppress property price appreciation.

Remote Cashflow Rental Masterclass$497

Prices in USD

What's included
Intensive online workshop covering 8 Modules
Bonus 9th Module on Opportunities 
 Hands-on Simulation Activities
Real-life Case Studies 
1 Free 1-on-1 Coaching Session
 Free Group Coaching Sessions
Lifelong access to Masterclass and updates!
Your Trainers

Han & Tracy are the founders of Byte Sized Investments. 

They are Singaporeans who specialize in acquiring cashflowing US rental properties that produce recurring monthly passive income. 

They have acquired, renovated, and manage several US properties remotely right from Singapore. 

Having been in the US property market for over 6 years, they currently own more than 10 properties and counting, collecting 6-digit rent income a year. 

They seek to share their experience and knowledge to empower more people to start their journey towards financial freedom and grow this community.

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WHO Is This Course Most Suitable For?

You are a 9-5 employee who always wanted to invest and let your money work hard for you, but do not know how. After this course, you will be able to find cashflowing rental properties, make consistent passive income, gain confidence and grow that rental portfolio that one day may replace your 9-5 salary. 

You always believe in owning rental properties but your housing market is expensive and does not produce a net positive rent or cashflow. After this course, you will understand where to find the right markets for positive cashflow and how to make your first purchase in less than 3 months! 

You want to pass down this portfolio of generational wealth to your loved ones. Real estate, and the passive income it creates, can be structured and passed down to your loved ones, giving them a better headstart than if you didn’t.

What This Course is NOT About

This is NOT a get-rich program. 

We do not tell you where to buy. We share principles & fundamental analysis on how to use data to select great investment markets. You apply the principles and conduct your own due diligence. 

We do not tell you what to buy. We share how to determine your buybox and how to evaluate the intrinsic value of the property based on the buybox. You do your own evaluation and decide what to buy.

But This is NOT for Everyone. Do NOT Come Aboard If…

️ You expect hand-holding without learning and understanding the concepts. This course is focused only on education. You must be an independent and motivated learner. 

️ You don't have basic English skills. The course is in English, so you are expected to know basic reading and writing in English. We do not provide language support at this time. 

️ You are not willing to participate. There are several interactive activities to enhance your learning, do attempt and participate for best results.

Within 14 days, if you’re not 100% convinced that our program will work for you, just let us know. 

You’ll have a FULL REFUND (less admin fees) - no questions asked.

Are You Ready To Start Your US Property Investing Journey towards Financial Freedom?

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Remote Cashflow Rental Masterclass $497
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is this course worth it?
    For only a few hundred dollars, your investment in this course will pay for itself 100x over. That’s because this course will get you started on your US real estate journey, like what I did to grow my annual rental income from $0 to over 6 digits in the span of just over 3 years, while in my 30s.
  • How fast can I start buying US properties after going through your course?
    With the course content, you will immediately be able to start scouting for and evaluating properties! We have graduates that were committed, driven and worked hard, successfully buying properties within one month from signing up.
  • How much capital will I need?
    Generally, a good starting amount will be about US$60,000 in capital, which could easily get you a ~US$200,000 property. If you don't have this much, we can share strategies of how to create win-win situations and leverage on your existing resources.
  • Is it a very difficult, high level course? I’m no Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Elon Musk
    I started with zero real estate background and zero rental properties. You don’t have to be smart or rich to start. The course is broken down into bite sized lessons that include hands-on step by step guides.
  • Will the teachings in this course work in any country?
    Yes, although the course is focused on property investing in the US. The investing principles can be applied to anywhere in the world.
  • With rising interest rates and the economic turmoil, it seems like Real Estate is going to crash.
    That would be the most ideal time to buy! You want to be ready and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills before that happens. Don’t wait till the crash to start learning. Learn now and get everything ready, and act when things are crashing.
  • Can foreigners own properties in the US?
    Yes, there are no foreign restrictions on land or real estate ownerships.
  • Are there capital outflow restrictions when I take my money back?
    There are no restrictions on how much you can transfer out of US. Having capital outflow restrictions will affect their status as the world reserve currency.
  • Is it true that US Taxation is expensive and complicated?
    While taxes on US salaries are indeed expensive, the IRS provides several tax write-offs for rental income, that is why US rental income is the most advantageous income. You can hire a tax accountant to do your tax returns.
  • Can I buy properties in the US if I own a HDB, within MOP (Minimum Occupation Period)?
    Yes, there are strategies to help you structure yourself from your investments. Hence you do not need to worry about your HDB's MOP being impacted.